Some businesses require high-availability solutions to ensure
their critical data is available immediately in a time of need.

High Availability Business Continuity

Does your business run on critical applications that won't tolerate downtime of hours or minutes? Venyu is the place for remote business continuity solutions that keep you running in the event of an outage or disaster.

Options Tailored to Your Business

Venyu is passionate about making your data invincible with custom solutions that fit your technical and budgetary needs. Our business continuity platform offers flexible configurations, all backed by our highly-trained technicians. Your remote replication setup can include your preferred software or hardware solution, or let Venyu be the replica hardware host and provide award-winning replication software to keep your critical applications and databases continuously available.

Why Remote Replication?

According to disaster recovery best practices, a comprehensive plan must include protection of information offsite, away from the primary copy. Many businesses have sought in-house solutions for high availability but a disaster effecting the whole building quickly defeats that investment, and likely means the end of the business. Through Venyu's remote replication solutions, you'll rest assured knowing that operations can continue regardless of a primary site outage.

Venyu Invincible: Key Advantages

Virtual Server Farm – Venyu's Remote Replication service offers the benefit of redundant virtual servers so you can maximize service levels for your customers.

Premier Datacenter – Our Commercial Grade datacenter and headquarters serves as an extension of your IT department with our redundancies, safeguards, and technical expertise.

Continuous Data Protection – For aggressive recovery point (RPO) strategies, new changes are replicated as they happen, including open files, registry settings, and database entries.

Application-Aware Intelligence – Specific file and database versions tailor to the nuances of your critical business systems including Windows, Exchange, SQL, IIS, Oracle and Blackberry.

Immediate Failover – Mitigate your risk of downtime with automatic failover or choose to manually failover at your convenience.

Test on the Fly – You can perform random tests to validate replicated data without having to suspend production.

Intuitive Web Dashboard – Manage and monitor remote replication activity, bandwidth usage and real-time metrics.

Rewind to Granular Transactions – Rewind technology allows granular roll-back to the most recent events, such as database system logs or file closes and saves.

Bandwidth Sampler – Determines data volumes and change rates to help determine bandwidth requirements.