Venyu has consistently excelled in tough disaster-related scenarios
like Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav. Our clients can attest to the fact that
their data was invincible.

Your Virtual Disaster Recovery Experts

Virtual disasters and outages can have a profound effect on both revenue and reputation. Or worse, the US Bureau of Labor reports that 93% of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within 5 years. To mitigate these risks, a solid disaster recovery plan needs to be in place.

Where every organization is different, there is no “one size fits all” solution. A business impact analysis should be done to determine operational tolerances and to develop contingency plans.

Venyu can help. We know disaster recovery and we understand the challenges of re-creating a production environment and getting people plugged in following an outage, when the pressure is on. Our myriad of services are tailored to meet your recovery objectives; within budget and easily sustained as your business evolves.

Venyu Data Protection, Availability, and Delivery

RestartIT Backup & Recovery – Representing the first 2 critical steps of a DR plan, online data backup automatically backs up changed data and secures it to geographically diverse, Commercial-Grade datacenters in the same step. Should a disaster occur, your data is quickly exported to a portable disk device (Mobile Vault) to be expedited to your recovery site next day or sooner.

Local Vault – For unexpected outages, you have the option of conducting local disk to disk backups in conjunction with offsite backup. Advanced server recovery (bare metal) technology enables rapid recovery – even to dissimilar hardware.

Virtualized Recovery – Let Venyu host standby images of your critical servers. In the event of an outage, remote backup data is recovered to virtual machines and end users are re-directed within a matter of hours for most servers. This is disruptive technology that's making real disaster recovery plans affordable for small to mid-size businesses.

High Availability – Some information and applications can't tolerate hours or minutes of downtime. Venyu delivers hosted replication services to keep your business running at all times. Colocate your solution with us or we can provide a fully managed, offsite solution.

Managed Hosting – Take maximum preventative measures and leverage our fully-owned and operated datacenter to run your critical applications. Our premier infrastructure includes a virtual server farm, monitoring, and redundancies at many levels.

Recovery Hot Site – Our Baton Rouge datacenter also houses our Business Continuity Center (BCC). With 64 workstations, meeting rooms, and other amenities, you can continue operations and communications while your primary site is restored

Premier Facilities

Venyu operates from some of the best data center facilities in the country. Our headquarters in Baton Rouge is our main hosting site and also contains a physical business recovery center featuring 93 workspaces. Our data center located in downtown Shreveport is one of the most physically secure commercial data centers in the country and is now an Uptime Institute Tier III Concurrently Maintainable Data Center. All of our data centers are commercial grade which is ideal for climate controls, fire suppression, redundant power, and telecommunication options.

Venyu BTR1: 7127 Florida Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Venyu BTR2: 7139 Florida Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Shreveport: 601 Milam St. Shreveport, LA 71101


Our Timeline

Venyu started as Network Technology Group specializing as a consulting firm designing and maintaining networks throughout Louisiana. In 2009, NTG and AmeriVault came together and formed Venyu. We’ve always strived to provide the absolute best solution and meaningful value to the client and continue to do so as we enter the cloud era.