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 In this podcast, Eric, Michael, and I recap and discuss VMware Explore 2022.  All this, AND MORE….in the next VENYU Podcast.ettings.

Additional Show Notes:

  • VMware vSphere 8:
    • Introduces DPUs (Data Processing Units) — offloading computational work from the CPU and GPU, into a DPU that is installed into a specialized NIC (Network Interface Card) — This means that security computational work, Carbon Black — as an example, can be moved onto the NIC, allowing more free cycles to the CPU/GPU.  This also extends to NSX-T performance.  — ESXi and NSX can be installed onto the DPU itself, moving compute/network cycles from the x86 processor to the DPU—Freeing up CPU cycles for VMs. —- Currently available on NVIDIA, PENSANDO, and INTEL NIC controllers. https://core.vmware.com/blog/rise-dpus-infrastructure
    • With the Distributed Services Engine, an additional instance of ESXi is installed directly on the DPU.  This allows for ESXi services to be offloaded to the DPU, providing increased performance. This technology is earlier to be adopted in a green-field deployment.
    • https://core.vmware.com/resource/whats-new-vsphere-8#section2
    • Virtual Hardware version 20 for instance is introduced, and this enables you to manage your vNUMA configuration via the UI instead of via advanced settings. Also, full support for Windows 11 at scale is introduced by providing the ability to automatically replace the required vTPM device when a Windows 11 VM is cloned, ensuring that each VM has a unique vTPM device. — Easier interface to access vNUMA configurations.
  • VMware-on-Amazon EC2, VMware-on-Microsoft Azure:
    • This offering has been out for several years; however, in 2022 there is new focus on running VMware vSphere (ESXi) on AWS and Azure bare-metal hardware.  This allows companies that want to retain their VMware technical experience AND embrace 3rd party cloud providers.
    • Typically, “VMware ON” would be an expensive proposition for many small to medium customers; however, VMware has developed a more economical subscription model.   This would allow more customers the ability to embrace 3rd party public clouds.
    • https://blogs.vmware.com/cloud/2022/08/30/vmware-cloud-on-aws-whats-new-at-vmware-explore-2022/
    • Flex Compute/Storage on AWS:  https://blogs.vmware.com/cloud/2022/08/30/announcing-vmware-cloud-flex-compute/
      • As part of this new model, customers will get the same speed, agility, built-in elasticity, and enterprise grade capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS, but in smaller consumable units called as flex compute units.
  • Upcoming Event:  VMware Cloud on AWS: Storage deep dive and new capabilities (Sept 28th) – Check www.VMUG.org (Same time as VENYU Open House)

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