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Cybersecurity Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Protect your business and stay ahead of threats.
We combine powerful technology with advanced
knowledge to help protect your business. 

Keep Your IT Assets Safe with an Easy, End-To-End Solution

VENYU offers a managed cybersecurity solution in virtual or physical environments with devices either in one of our local, hardened Data Centers or at your location depending on your needs. You will have real-time visibility of cyber threats to your organization, greater security and control of your network and application traffic, and consultative support with VENYU engineers to help with security prevention.

At VENYU, we know that small and medium-sized businesses have different IT challenges than larger enterprises, limited IT resources, and budgetary restraints. We can work with you to right-size the firewall services you need to protect your business by offering trustworthy cyber security in Shreveport.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity, or cyber security, is a system that protects your data, programs, networks, and devices from cyberattacks. Any unauthorized user trying to gain access to your data is considered a cyberattack. This can be in the form of a threat or an attempt to steal private information. 

There are different types of cybersecurity to protect various things. These different types include network security, physical security, and cloud security. Generally, operating systems and network architecture require network cybersecurity. This group includes firewalls, wireless access points, servers, hosts, and network protocols. 

As the name suggests, cloud security provides protection and encryption for all forms of cloud data. Physical cybersecurity restricts physical access to your computer hardware. If you are searching for cyber security in Baton Rouge, VENYU is here to help!

Use our services to:

  • Leverage a team of experts to achieve your security goals within budget
  • Secure multiple locations
  • Local office, remote workers, physical servers in a data center, or a cloud environment
  • Bolster your security stance with a layered security approach
  • Meet regulations and industry security measures
  • Stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape

How We Keep Your Workforce Connected & Protected

Managed Cybersecurity

All the services you need to stay safe, affordably.

Managed Firewall Solutions: Here’s what we do for you:

  • Yearly Security Assessment —We’ll go through your firewall configuration yearly and make recommendations on anything that should be changed to align with security best practices. You’ll be provided with a copy of this assessment and can either accept or decline the change recommendations.
  • Easy configurations – No need to learn a new syntax or interface, or hire someone who does. We’ll make changes for you.
  • Firmware upgrades—Your firewall stays up-to-date without you having to get involved. No need to read patch notes for each new release.
  • Hardware monitoring—We’ll constantly watch the status of your managed switches, firewalls, and access points along with other hardware.
  • Centralized, automated reporting—You’ll get customized, actionable reports that show statistics with 100 percent transparency.
  • Managed evolution – You won’t have to worry about falling behind in the cybersecurity arms race. We’ll recommend new features as they make sense for your business.

VENYU’s multi-faceted firewalls provide security regardless of your location or the size of your organization.

Our endpoint protection offering combines NGAV and EDR providing real-time protection of your network. The Endpoint Protection service along with Advanced Threat Protection service allows for your security posture to evolve to address the latest threats against your servers and users (local and remote).

Securing your LAN. Our secure switching and wireless enables you to safeguard your LAN.

Our multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to ensure that remote employees are who they say they are when they access the network.

VENYU engineers will constantly monitor the status of your switches, hardware, firewalls and access points, in addition to providing 100% transparency via customized reporting.

Endpoint Security: Safeguarding Endpoints From Ransomware

FortiEDR leverages the   Security Fabric architecture and integrates with many Security Fabric components including FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiSandbox, and FortiSIEM.

As security threats have evolved, the need to move away from legacy anti-virus solutions has never been so important. VENYU’s endpoint protection, powered by FortiEDR couples Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) providing both pre-infection and post-infection protection at the endpoint level. This solution delivers real-time, and automated endpoint protection to your environment allowing you to worry less about the prospect of zero-day attacks.

24/7 real-time protection

FortiEDR detects and defuses fileless malware and other advanced attacks in real time to protect data and prevent breaches.

Instant automated response and remediation

As a soon as FortiEDR detects suspicious process flows and behaviors, it immediately defuses the potential threats by blocking outbound communications and access to the file system from those processes if and once requested.

Identify threats
  • Discover and control rogue devices (e.g., unprotected or unmanaged devices) and IoT devices
  • Track applications and ratings
  • Discover and mitigate system and application vulnerabilities with virtual patching
  • Reduce the attack surface with risk-based proactive policies 
Minimize risks

Minimize risks with insight into application vulnerabilities.

Why Should You Implement Cybersecurity Protocols?

When you don’t have cyber security, your private or sensitive data is open to threats and cyberattacks. These cyberattacks can affect your business by putting a hold on your operations. A cyberattack will damage your reputation and lead to a lack of trust if your customers and clients rely on you to protect their sensitive information. 

Customers tend to feel safer when they know a business has measures in place to protect their data. With cyberattacks becoming more prevalent, more people are becoming aware and more vigilant of cyber threats.

Types of Cyber Attacks

Knowing about the different cyberattack tactics can help you see the importance of cybersecurity. Some cyberattacks are almost undetectable, while others prevent you from using your device. Cyber security will help to prevent and deal with these different attacks.


There is a type of software used specifically for cyberattacks, and this is known as Malware. Malware makes it possible for an unauthorized user or hacker to gain access to your data. Ransomware is a popular example of Malware where hackers restrict your device until you pay them a certain amount of money to regain access. 

There is also a form of Malware, known as Botnet software, that can infiltrate multiple devices without being detected. There are several other forms of Malware that can attack your software and devices, such as Trojans and viruses.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

A DDoS causes a server, website, or network to crash. This type of cyberattack prevents you from using your server, website, or network. A DDoS cyberattack overloads your system with traffic, making it easier for other hackers to gain access to your personal data. 


Sending fake messages to people within a company is known as Phishing. Phishing aims to obtain sensitive information by deceiving the user. Hackers can also achieve this by sending a link that will allow malware to infect your software and devices.

There are many other forms of cyberattacks, such as password attacks, SQL injection, and social engineering. VENYU can help you prevent, detect and deal with cyberattacks like these. We offer seamless cyber security in Shreveport to keep your sensitive data and devices safe from devious hackers.




Track versions and vulnerabilities of applications installed on your network

Discover IoT & environment application vulnerabilities with virtual patching

Utilizes machine learning, kernel-based NGAV

Enrich findings with real-time threat intelligence feeds from a continuously updated cloud database

Protect disconnected endpoints with offline protection

Stop breaches in real-time and eliminate threat dwell time

Prevent ransomware encryption, and file/registry tempering

Standardize incident response procedures with playbook automation

Enable contextual-based incident response using incident classification and the subjects of the attacks, (e.g., endpoint groups)

Gain full visibility of the attack chain and malicious changes

Allowing security analysts the time to hunt for and remediate additional threats

Data Centers

MORE protection for your business. Protect your services and data behind our certified data centers. 24/7/365 resources at your fingertips. Contact us for reliable cyber security in Baton Rouge.