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Every data center prepares for catastrophic disaster events. Luckily, few experience the worst case scenario. In Louisiana, we know how to weather a storm. Few data centers have as much experience as our own VENYU data center. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, we’re facing a recovery effort for the ages. Ida made landfall Sunday as a category 4 hurricane on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Ida now holds the title as the strongest hurricane to hit the United States. 

Recovery efforts are in full force. We are prepared and helping our impacted clients to stay resilient, connected and protected. Data Center Frontier is covering our efforts and the event at large.

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 Here’s an excerpt:

Louisiana Data Centers Rely on Generators in Wake of Hurricane Ida

In the aftermath of powerful Hurricane Ida, leading data center service providers in Louisiana continued operating, relying on backup generators to ride out widespread utility outages.

The deadly category 4 hurricane presents a more daunting challenge for companies with on-premise data centers in New Orleans, which could be without power for weeks following the “catastrophic failure” of the primary electric transmission towers serving the city. On Tuesday a data center in New Orleans City Hall briefly caught fire, disrupting city officials’ access to email and taking down a key web site offering emergency preparedness information

Utility provider Entergy hopes to restore power to some hospitals, nursing homes and emergency services by this evening, but many areas are facing an uncertain timeline for full recovery – perhaps as long as a month.

Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday near Port Fourchon, Louisiana with sustained winds of 150 miles per hour and a storm surge bringing more than 10 feet of water onshore. More than 1 million residents lost power, and many areas are also without fresh water.

Commercial data centers operated by VENYU and EdgeConneX remained online throughout the storm, according to company executives.

“We started running on generators Sunday evening, and have been on them for more than 48 hours,” said Noah Boudreaux, General Manager of VENYU, a data center provider in Baton Rouge. “We have a fuel provider on-site, and we’ve had customers and other businesses reaching out to us to use our services and our business continuity center.”

“The power outlook is a little uncertain right now,” Boudreaux added. “Entergy is telling us that power should be back in the next day or so. They feel like they’re close, but it’s pretty rare that there’s an outage that lasts more than 24 hours.”

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