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Collector Revision Update

FortiEDR Collector revision (for Windows) has been out for about a month now. We have run this in our test and production environments and have not seen any adverse impact. Furthermore, Fortinet support recommends this revision, as it has some minor updates that resolve issues in previous versions.

If you have not already done so, please proceed with upgrading your Windows workstations and servers to collector version

FortiEDR Manager Console Upgrade

Version 5.1.0 of the FortiEDR Manager Console will be released soon. We are currently running (lower left-hand corner of console) and the upgrade will move us directly from to 5.1.0 An exact date for the upgrade will be communicated in a future email, but in the meantime, here’s a link that contains some new features and enhancements that will be seen once the upgrade occurs. Supplemental messaging will be sent after the upgrade with screenshots and additional commentary regarding some of the new features to help guide your administration of the console.