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Back in early 2020, any predictions about how the year was going to play out would have been upended by March.

But barring spontaneous pandemic outbreaks or other disasters, 2021 will follow a series of predictable trends. Understanding how these affect the industry will help IT leaders to make better decisions, save money and keep their businesses free from disruption.

To this end, we have released our latest whitepaper: Trends That Will Define Healthcare IT in 2021.

In the wake of the tsunami of change in 2020, IT leaders are struggling with many of the same questions. Our whitepaper will help you answer these, including:

  • What are the sustaining impacts of COVID on the industry, and how can these be addressed?
  • How should you approach the cloud for your business in 2021? What’s changed that you should be aware of?
  • Can you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats in 2021? How?
  • How can your team provide a better virtual experience, and what happens if you don’t?
  • What new trends can you leverage to improve network and application performance?

If you’ve resolved to read more in 2021 or just need a quick brush up to become fluent in IT trends, this whitepaper is worth your time. The download contains multiple pages of highly skimmable content, original research, insightful statistics and helpful links for even further reading.

If change represents opportunity, then the sky is the limit for 2021. The new normal has taken shape and well-defined trends have started to emerge. Becoming familiar with these is the first step for high-performing healthcare IT in 2021.

Download the whitepaper: