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Hurricane Preparedness

FUTURE Proof your business and data systems against natural disasters and unexpected weather related incidents. 


in preventing storm related data disruption.

In 2021, Hurricane Ida battered the Gulf Coast Region, consequently putting many businesses at risk for business interruption and data loss. Thanks to VENYU’s dedicated and battle-tested support teams and customer engagement experts, VENYU clients maintained uptime throughout the storm and its aftermath.

We count on VENYU’s people, technology, and facilities to protect our data and keep us operational during these weather related events.

William Healy, Director of IT Operations, City of New Orleans

Comprehensive, Agile Strategies…The Keys To Our Success

The First Line of Defense


Every success story begins with a plan. Our experts will arm you with the information, resources and recommendations to build your business continuity roadmap.

Pragmatic IT Advocates


Our highly motivated and technical savvy people are passionate about protecting our clients’ most valuable asset – their data.

The Lights Are Always On


Think of us as an extension of your IT department with 24/7 responsiveness. During Hurricane Ida, our team kept the lights on – VENYU clients experienced no service interruption and no data loss.

Future Proof, Dedicated Backbone


Our carrier backbone is one of the most robust in the region, comprised of a 100-gig fiber pipe to Atlanta and Dallas.

Geodiversity at Its Best


Our ecosystem includes the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest. Armed with multiple partners, we ensure that data is protected in diverse regions for increased security and preparedness.

Learn more about strategies to help your team quickly share, align and distribute information in sync during a crisis situation.

Learn how we make your data invincible. Our advanced technology brings your data closer, provides greater redundancy, holds the load, features hot air containment and more. Watch our story and see why we call it ‘The Great Indoors’.

Navigating Your IT Ecosystem into the Uncharted “New Normal”

Amid a cascade of virus variants, natural disasters, and technological changes, it’s beginning to seem like a “new normal” may not even exist. This upheaval makes future-proofing both more important as well as more difficult to do.

Learn how to establish more efficient, effective IT and partnership ecosystems that will stand the test of time.

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Data Centers

MORE protection for your business. Protect your services and data behind our certified data centers. 24/7/365 resources at your fingertips.