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In our third installment of the Technology Leadership and the Future of Work speaker series, we brought in crisis communications expert Gerard Braud. With more than 25 years of experience, Braud has trained leaders across five continents and has been featured on CBS, NBC. CNN, HLN, The Weather Channel and more.  He’s also the founder of the software platform SituationHub.com, which helps teams quickly share, align and distribute information in sync during a crisis situation.

Catch the replay to learn how to future-proof crisis management through critical communications and planning. We cover topics ranging from cyber to cyclones. This is a topic every tech leader faces, get prepared with world-class insights and simple tips you can implement right away.



Gerard Braud

Gerard Braud

Founder, SituationHub.com | Crisis Communication Expert

For more than 25 years, crisis communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) has helped leaders on five continents with crisis communications plans, crisis media training and crisis communications drills. 

In 2020, he also became the Founder of a new crisis communications software platform, known as SituationHub.com

Gerard’s (Jared’s) path into communications started when he was an award winning television reporter. You may have seen him on CBS, NBC, CNN, HLN, or The Weather Channel.

His passion is helping companies protect their revenue, reputation, and brand by being prepared.

Noah Boudreaux

Noah Boudreaux

General Manager, VENYU

Noah is the general manager at VENYU. With more than two decades of technology leadership experience, he is responsible for end-to-end operations of the data center. He leads diverse teams of passionate technology and business experts across the country.

He is responsible for product vision, growth, partner relationship, business development, talent acquisition and employee engagement.

He also serves as a contributing member of the Forbes Technology Council where he regularly shares his thoughts and insights on technology trends and best practices.