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LIVE SERIES: Technology Leadership and the Future of Work Part 5

Join us for an in-depth conversation with VENYU General Manager Noah Boudreaux and technologist Tim Waters.

We’ll discuss how IT decision-makers and business leaders can future-proof their systems, networks, and partner ecosystems in times of unparalleled uncertainty. Learn more about a new future-proof philosophy and a step-by-step framework that you can use to stay flexible in a changing environment.

DEMO SERIES: Endpoint Security

Join us for our latest live demo series with our resident security experts, Michael Fazely and Jared Carmouche. In this installment, Michael and Jared will demonstrate the features and benefits of VENYU's endpoint protection, powered by FortiEDR. You'll learn more...

DEMO SERIES: Security from Within

Join us as our resident security experts, Michael Fazely and Jared Carmouche, explore the topic of addressing security from within. The biggest threat to your organization might be closer to home than you realize. Learn how you can take a deeper look at your...

The Edge Bible: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about the Edge? What is it exactly? Our latest e-book has everything you need to know and more. This easy-to-follow, visually rich piece highlights: Why the old cloud can't keep up Cloud costs comparison between private, public and hybrid solutions Security...

Storm Watch

In anticipation of Hurricane Ida, VENYU has initiated its Emergency Operations Plan. The Data Center team has taken additional preparedness measures including the following: Reviewing and enabling physical security procedures. Contacting critical vendors and fuel...

Data Centers

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