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VENYU keeps you Connected and Protected by building strategic and scalable IT ecosystems. We develop Hybrid IT platforms by consulting on pragmatic and creative ways that support your business.

Peace of Mind

My favorite part is having the confidence that the data center would be online 24/7/365. I never had any doubt that the level of service would meet or exceed any of the service-level agreement times listed in the contract. This helps me sleep at night. I don’t have to worry about if a circuit goes down, we can always count on VENYU.

Lee Saunier, Vice President of Information Technology at The Advocate


We’ve certainly found over the years that ours is not a one-size fits all business and VENYU has been flexible enough to help us provide different solutions for different customers. 

Kristopher Edgell, Director of Marketing and Technology for En-Pro Inc. 


We felt very comfortable our systems with VENYU, knowing that they’re going to take care of their end of things so we don’t have to worry about our infrastructure going down because of weather, floods, or other unforeseen events.

Chris Hare, IT Manager for Presonus

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Louisiana Data Centers


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Shreveport (TIER III)

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Introducing Geo Diversification and Edge Computing.

Geo Diversification

The evolution of remote users presents both an ever growing benefit and challenge for many businesses. All users need an optimal experience. With geo diversification, users’ experiences are optimized for their network and location,which improves cloud service performance.

Edge Computing

We know that infrastructure is everything. Our network is one of the most robust in the region, extending far beyond the Gulf South. We bring computing closer to the source of the data. That means reducing latency and bandwidth usage between client and server.

Maximizing Your Partner Network for Faster Business Recovery

Maximizing Your Partner Network for Faster Business Recovery

Your priorities will shift as your recovery takes form and progresses. And not only will your business have to conform to changing conditions, such as remote work, but your partner network must adapt to you.  Maximizing your partner network — a key advantage in...

10 Distributed Work Tips for When #LifeGoesOnline

10 Distributed Work Tips for When #LifeGoesOnline

Working from home is more than an experience; it's a skill to be mastered. Without direction, teams drift apart, employees feel forgotten, and logistics can create serious business obstacles.  Recently, we released our distributed work playbook to help employees and...

Data Centers

MORE protection for your business. Protect your services and data behind our certified data centers. 24/7/365 resources at your fingertips.