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#073: Data Protection: Let’s talk “Immutability!”

Immutable Backups…. What are they?  And why YOU should have at least ONE copy of your backup data on an immutable storage repository.    All this and the latest cybersecurity news…..on this Venyu Podcast..Talk to the Podcasters! Our podcasters love engaging with...

Podcast Episode 68

Episode 68: DataBank + VENYU In this episode, we discuss VENYU's parternship with DataBank.  Our special guest for the show is Brandon Peccoralo, General Manager of DataBank.  We are joined by Noah Boudreaux, Bryan Ormsbee, Eric Malatesta, Michael Fazely, and William...

Podcast Episode 67

Episode 67: A New VENYU In this episode hosted by William Sellers we sit down with VENYU’s Noah Boudreaux, Eric Malatesta, Michael Fazely, Bryan Ormsbee and Natalie Straight to talk about new products and services, the rebrand and what the future holds. Tune in!Talk...

Podcast Episode 66

Episode 66: Customer Spotlight: Jake Bolda with Valluzzo Companies In this episode, we spotlight one of our customers: Valluzzo Companies. We are joined by Eric Malatesa, Leigh Martin, and Kyle Mancuso from EATEL Business. Jake Bolda from Valluzzo Companies is our...

Podcast Episode 65

Episode 65: VeeamON 2018 Recap with EATEL's Jeremy Landry In this episode, William Sellers, Eric Malatesta, and Michael Fazely are joined by EATEL's Senior Systems Engineer Jeremy Landry, covering some of the highlights from this years VeeamON 2018 Conference in...

Podcast Episode 64

Episode 64: Managed Services: A Data Center Perspective with Noah Boudreaux and Barrett Williams In this episode, Michael Fazely, Eric Malatesta, William Sellers are joined by Noah Boudreaux and Barrett Williams to discuss Managed Services Providers and Solutions.

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