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In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the number of unsecured remote desktop computers increased by more than 40 percent, according to ZDNet.

This explosive growth of vulnerable endpoints could trigger a feeding frenzy for thieves. Just one weak link could threaten the entire corporate network.

While the dust is still settling in the wake of COVID-19 and the new normal is still taking shape, IT can leverage the fluidity of recovery to establish a strong security foundation right now. Our new white paper is a roadmap to seize the moment and upgrade security postures before largescale changes become too cumbersome.

In general, there are three overarching steps to securing the remote-work business in 2021 and beyond:

  1. Understand the magnitude of the challenge.
  2. Identify new threats.
  3. Recognize the strategies that will overcome emerging challenges.

Our new paper and accompanying infographic, titled Transforming Your Security Posture for Remote Work, guides readers through each of the steps in easy-to-follow detail. The document references more than a dozen sources to deliver the most up-to-date document on remote work cybersecurity to-date.

Specifically, the document contains:

  • Stats and snapshots of the current state of remote-work cybersecurity
  • Narrative breakouts of what hackers are targeting and why
  • Identification of specifically named threats and how to overcome them
  • Trends and strategies that security pros are using to adapt to remote work
  • Training guidelines and suggestions for remote employees

The paper contains almost everything business and IT leaders need to get started on a more secure remote-work business.

The last thing that recovering businesses need is a ransomware attack or other cybersecurity incident. Get the white paper today and master protected remote work.

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