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How to Choose a Colocation Provider

There are lots of decisions to make when exploring colocation options, especially when it comes to selecting the right colocation provider.

When shopping for data centers, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Physical location. What is the travel time to the data center? Is it above sea level?
  • Service quality. What is the provider’s philosophy on service? How does it guarantee that quality?
  • Financial strength. Will the provider grow along with your business? Does it have strong brand recognition?
  • High availability. How many carriers are providing connectivity into the backbone? Is the data center part of a network?

If that seems like a lot to keep track of,  don’t worry. This checklist has all you need to choose a colocation provider:

To get a PDF of the chart, click the image above or go here.

To use the checklist, place one check per row. Mark features that are unimportant with a check in the center “3” row, where they will count neither for nor against the provider’s score. Then, tally the number of checks in each column, and multiply by the weight factor of 1-5. Finally, add all the columns together to get the provider’s final score.

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