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Learn the threats, understand the technology, and equip yourself with the knowledge to win the cyberwar on business.

Security is a daunting task, but this paper will give you the essential information to protect against ransomware, viruses, and hackers. The easy-to-follow guide is perfect both for security newcomers and seasoned IT professionals.

Security is an urgent matter, and establishing a secure business is a long road. This guide will help you get to your destination: a safer network and better protected infrastructure.

To help you better secure your business, we’ve compiled a summary of threats, analyzed security trends, and created a practical framework built specifically for small businesses. If you’re a security DIY’er or just looking for easier alternatives, this guide will be a valuable resource

Inside this guide, you’ll find nine pages of original research, infographics, and worksheets to ease you along your way to cybersecurity. You’ll be able to quickly find the information you need to create a business case, implement a security program from scratch, or update your knowledge.

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